The SA Braford is well-known for its early to medium maturity. Or, put in another way, Braford heifers reach puberty at a younger age while steers on grass, or in a feedlot, finish quicker and with less food. This characteristic, as well as the breed’s exceptional feed conversion ability, results in great financial benefit for the feeder.

The South African Braford excels under intensive or extensive production, and shows demonstrably high efficiency on the veld and in the feedlot. It also has longevity and shows resistance to heat and insects, inherited from the Brahman, and thus performs particularly well in warmer climates. It also has hooded eyes and good pigmentation, which indicates resistance to cancer, pinkeye and blight.

South African Brafords are well muscled and produce a good dressing percentage, with little waste. SA Braford is a member of the World Braford Confederation, which also includes Australia, the US, America, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. This speaks to the breed’s adaptability across climatic conditions.

The Braford is similar in shape and size to the Hereford, and has a white underbelly, head and feet. However, it is stockier than the Hereford, most likely due to traits passed on by the Brahman.

In a crossbreeding programme, Braford bulls are often used to improve maternal ability and fertility in a cowherd.

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