Guidelines for Inspection (Classification) of Animals

The Council shall, in accordance with Clause 9 (i) of the Constitution, appoint inspectors to inspect or classify all animals that are registrable on application by the breeder concerned.

1. An inspector shall inspect or classify each registered animal after the proof of birth notification and application for registration has been submitted to him.

He must ensure that the identification, colour, age and other particulars appearing on the birth certificate have been correctly stated and correspond to the animal presented for inspection or classification.

Furthermore, to his own satisfaction, he must ensure that the animal complies with the breed standard and the minimum performance requirements as determined by the council from time to time. Any difference of inconsistency can disqualify such an animal and cause the cancellation of this animal.

2. During the inspection by the inspector, it is mandatory that a breeder bring all animals that have not yet been inspected and meet the following minimum age requirements before the inspector for inspection, except in the case of imported animals where there is no age restriction –

  • Bulls – Minimum age 12 months, but not older than 24 months.
  • Cows – Minimum age 12 months, but not older than 24 months.

The inspector is authorized to use their discretion in holding back any animal for inspection until their next visit.

3. An inspector may from time to time, without prior warning, conduct a general inspection of any herd at the instruction of the Council.

4. Any breeders who are not satisfied with an inspector’s decision may appeal to the Society within three weeks of the inspection or classification.

Such an appeal must be accompanied by a deposit, as determined by the Council from time to time. An Appeal Board designated by the Council of the Society will then inspect the animal or animals concerned and if the appeal succeeds, the deposit will be refunded. If not, the appellant forfeits his deposit and is responsible for all costs incurred by the Appeal Board.

5. The breeders will be informed in advance of the time and date of an inspector’s intended visit. Special inspections or classifications may only be carried out with the consent of the Council if an inspector is available and the applicant consents to pay the fees for special inspections as determined by the Council from time to time and to cover the travel and other costs of the inspector.

6. No breeder may act as inspector of his own animals.